Running with the Pack or Not...

All of those ingenious eye-catching packaging is designed to draw you in and make an impact. As a business, you have the potential of standing out from the competition! For a consumer it can be like Christmas everyday as you unbox and unwrap! Yet, what do we do with all of those empty boxes, tissue and bubble wrap? Do we recycle, reuse, re-purpose or simply throw in the garbage and say good-bye? As my company looked at the importance of packaging, I realized I didn't want spend countless hours in developing a branded package for every type of product, even if I could go with many wonderful eco-friendly companies. I settled on using biodegradable,recycled kraft tissue/boxes with raffia and some products have no packaging. The next venture will be moving on from our cobalt glass and PET BPA-free plastic bottles to recycled glass containers.

#recycle #reuse #repurpose #recycledwrappingpaper #nopackaging #enlivennatural

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